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Garden page Hans and Kees

This is a new start of the garden page of Hans and Kees. This page was started March 2007 and will be expanded to a few more pages. Some more pages will be included, dedicated to pumpkins, gourds, fruits and an overview of the entire garden
The building of the wood house can be seen via this link
De volgende links gaan naar selecties foto's die gemaakt zijn vanaf 2007. Door te klikken op de foto's kunnen de foto's vergroot worden bekeken.
De foto's staan in de volgorde van januari tot december, dus de éérste foto's zijn zeker niet in de mooiste tijd gemaakt.

De volgend links verwijzen naar de foto's van Tuin 2007, Tuin 2008 , Tuin 2009 , Tuin 2010. en Tuin 2011 .

Every year I make pictures for a garden agenda. This gives a new selection of pics every year.

The next links will take you to the pictures taken in 2007 and onwards . These pics are ordered from January to December, so the first pages are not the most spectacular pics.

By clicking the thumbnails, a larger view can be obtained.
The next links will take you to the pics of Garden 2007, Garden 2008 , Garden 2009 , Garden 2010. and Garden 2011 .

Also have a look at the Dragonflies in our garden, and the proces from going from larvea to dragonfly in pictures or in a short film.
Remarks can be mailed to hans@hansenkees.nl